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Services Overview

Our practice is divided into three main areas: Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics and Forensic Engineering. Our services include the analysis of small and large cases, from simple, low speed collisions, to complex, multi-events / catastrophic accidents. In all cases, and whenever we perform an analysis, whether simple or complex, we base it on rigorous science and engineering. No case is too small for us. Initial telephone consultations are at no cost.

In general terms, the analyses of our cases proceed as follows: We first conduct a thorough review of all available materials, such as depositions, medical records, autopsy reports, photographs, videotapes. We also conduct inspections and documentation of the accident site, automobiles, machinery, work tools, etc., depending on the type of case. We would advise our clients of additional information or materials that may be needed.

Once the information has been reviewed, we conduct the analysis. These analyses will provide answers to questions such as: What were the speeds of the vehicles at the time of the collision? Are the injuries consistent with the mechanics of the accident? What caused the truck to overturn? Did the driver have time to avoid the accident? Was the floor slippery? Depending on the needs of our clients, the analysis may include animations, computer models and/or re-enactments.

Once the analysis is complete, and depending on the needs of our clients, we would write a report, give a presentation, testify in deposition, or in court, or in arbitration. Our list of clients include insurance companies and law firms.

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